How It Works

How It Works

  1. Receive the licensing agreement, sample lesson plan & sample training video
  2. Sign the licensing agreement
  3. Purchase module 1 ($1,285+bootcamp certification $597)
  4. Complete training modules.
  5. Purchase equipment for module 1-1.5 (around $2,500)
  6. Your trained & ready to trade
  7. Add module 2 & 3 when you are ready.
  8. Add additional programs as your business grows

Key Points

  • Rewarding Position

  • Support the Youngest Generation

  • Accredited Government Funded Programs

  • Extensive Range of Sports

  • Use of Real Equipment

  • Every Day is New!

  • Every Day Has Smiles, Laughs and Fun!

  • Year Round Program

  • Multiple Income Streams

  • Small Investment = Massive Returns on Investment

Are you a mum or dad of a toddler/preschooler?

This is the perfect way to engage with your littlie whilst earning money and interacting with other families in your area.

We are all about the ‘personal touch’ and how good would it be to make a life-long impact on the youngest generation.