Episode 6 – Mark Goswell

Kids LOVE Sport
Kids LOVE Sport
Episode 6 - Mark Goswell

It has been a pleasure to know Mark for over 10 years now and not have I seen half of his career but he helped me get to where I am today from a debilitating back injury in 2010. We tackle the subject of ‘are kids specialising too early?’ in this episode. Mark has worked with all age groups, genders and a multitude of teenagers who have been injured either at sport or in the gym due to overloading of the body during growth.

Mark has specialised in Exercise Physiology since 2000, developing areas of expertise with injuries to the lower back, shoulders, neck and knees. He has extensive experience in dealing with clients with complex neural conditions and has an interest in assisting clients with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), anxiety and depression in coping with their condition through the use of effective exercise techniques.

If you are located in the Newcastle or Maitland regions make sure you get in touch. Not only for Exercise Physiology but Pilates. One of the most accredited Pilates studios in NSW.

Newcastle Clinic – Lot H/132 Garden Grove Pde,Adamstown, NSW 2289

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Ph: 02 4957 2757

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