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Skill Warm-up

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Athletics 1

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Game Day 1

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Game Day 2

$135.00 / child*
Ages 3-5yo

Our Littlies Skills program is fun, engaging and the perfect way for your littlie to try a multitude of sports and skills. Sports in Term 3 include; Tennis, Soccer, Basketball, Lacrosse, Hockey, Rugby, Cricket and more…

Classes are 30mins in length.​ Maximum 10 littles per class. Minimum of 15 children each day for the program to go ahead.

Terms run in line with the operating weeks of The Yellow Cottage

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*All prices are inclusive of GST

Non-refundable payment. We have a strict no-refund policy as our classes are space limited.
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Register for your child to attend a weekly Littlies Skills session to be conducted at Yellow Cottage Preschool in 2023 by Sam Levick of Fun Fitness 4 Littlies.
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Littlies Training & Consultancy

The inspiration behind the training modules is the ability for educators to pursue positive role-modeling of physical activity no matter what their background, gender, skill levels, or abilities are. Everyone can be a role-model. At the end of the day it’s the approach to teaching and planning that affects the outcomes for the children.​​

“I hope that whoever attends will approach teaching physical activity in a new and exciting way involving constant support and inclusion” – Sam.
Throughout all our training modules staff and educators will be engaged in thinking in a scenario, practical & collaborative design, group discussions, and ways to approach innovation.

fun Sports Activities for Children

Thinking Outside The Box
(Module 1)

$ 450.00

How to use equipment in a safe, yet new and challenging way for all age groups

(2 hour training + 2 hours of onsite assessment prior to training)

fun Sports Activities for Children

Bub's & Physical Activity
(Module 2)

$ 375.00

Practical & safe ways to engage 0-2 rooms in exciting & interesting physical activities

(2 hour training + 2 hours of onsite assessment prior to training)

fun Sports Activities for Children

Implementing A Physical Activity Curriculum
(Module 3)

$ 450.00

Practical ways to create a curriculum for your service & ways to adapt for each age group

(2 hour training + 2 hours of onsite assessment prior to training)

fun Sports Activities for Children

School Ready Children
(Module 4)

$ 145.00

How to challenge and adapt for children of school ready age & development​

(1 hour training)

fun Sports Activities for Children

Physical Activity & EYLF
(Module 5)

$ 199.00

How to effectively write observations about Physical Activity and how it relates to the EYLF

(2 hour training)

Optional Extras

  • Physical Activity Policy – $300+gst
  • Planning & Curriculum Document – $350+gst

Module Inclusions

Modules 1-3 include up to 2 hours of on-site observation by Sam Levick, a week prior to the staff training. This enables Sam to create a tailored module to suit service specifics.